WHAT About us; About the idea

dsfdfdsfsd When it happens to your own parents then you start to think. That's how it happened to me. When my parents retired, they were actually still in the middle of their professional lives. They were full of drive and of course they were also a treasure chest full of experiences. They tried very hard to bring their knowledge and experience into part-time jobs. But without a platform for this, it was not so easy. And so it came as it had to come: both left the world of work when it was much too early for them. And with them a lot of experience was lost to the job market.

I remembered an old connection that I had made 10 years before. With the operators of a social platform in Germany. I added 1 plus 1 together and Greyjobz was born. It took a few more years until it grew from an idea to a service offer. 

I am happy if it helps you too!