Frequently Asked Questions

At GreyJobz we are committed to provide our best possible service. With each registration we do an online identification check. All Experts and JobPoster are verified against their names, address, age, phone number and ID

A Retired Expert at GreyJobz is somebody who is 55+ years old and not anymore working regularly. In certain jobs people retire earlier than in others. In most jobs people retire between 60-65 years old. A Retired Expert at GreyJobz wants to offer his/her working experience and knowledge from his/her former jobs to other businesses and/or to privat people. A Retired Expert at GreyJobz wants to keep herself/himself busy but on her/his own pace.

No you don't. The Expert gets paid directly towards his bank account

After registering the Expert is asked to add his/her bank details. (Bank Account, Routing Number, etc.) Once the Expert finished a Milestone the JobPoster can make a payment according to the agreement. The Money will go automatically to the Experts' bank account. For the JobPoster we have currently only the option to pay per Credit Card. Further payment options will come soon.

It is free for Experts and for JobPosters to register and to post Jobs and Services. GreyJobz receives a commission from each transaction. This is 2% at the moment. GreyJobz reserves the right to adjust this commission and/or to scale it down according to project volume at any time with a notice period of 7 days. The commission is deducted directly from the payment made by the JobPoster. Example: if the JobPoster pays the Expert $100.00, GreyJobz will automatically deduct $2 from this amount. The expert gets $98.00 transferred.

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Step 1: Set up your profile. Step 2a: Create an open job one your Profile page Step 2b: Search i.e. by category for registered Retired Expert, send him/her a message and hire his service directly.

Step 1: Set up your profile. Step 2a: Create services, so people can find you and know what you're offering Step 2b: Search for posted jobs or have a look at your Dashboard on your Profile page. Step3: Apply for a job